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MJS Digital, an E-Commerce and Digital Marketing specialist agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland

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Helping you maximise your sales channels to deliver the results you want



If you aren't seeing the results you expected from your eCommerce site let us take a look and see where the opportunities are. Our goal is to deliver the results you want to see, whether that is revenue growth, lead generation or traffic increases. We aren't interested in throwing marketing jargon around but instead get to the heart of your business and make data driven decisions to help create something we are all proud of.

MJS Digital offers a comprehensive E-Commerce Consultancy service, for B2B and B2C businesses. Our consultancy services will look at:

  • Sales opportunities, potential marketplaces or products that haven't been explored yet.

  • Digital marketing strategy and the efficiency of those strategies.

  • Tech stack, internal systems and processes. The key to any business is making sure everyone and everything is going in the same direction.

  • Being mobile optimised, almost 70% of all online purchases are now made on a mobile device.

  • Ad agency selection, we are partnered with some of the best ad agencies.

  • Support in hiring an internal E-Commerce team.

  • Data reporting.